Resources for Life’s Parking Lots

Who in your life has visited one of these stuck places and was able to get out?  Call them or sit down with them and ask them about their journey.

Consider this quote from British historian and cultural theorist, Arnold Toynbee (1889-1975) and list some of the ways in which God has brought (or attempted to bring) “self-mortification” into your life.

“Unless we can bear self-mortification, we shall not be able to carry self-examination to the necessary
painful lengths. Without humility there can be no illuminating self-knowledge.”

– Arnold Toynbee (1889-1975) A Study of History

Read the gripping prophetic message to God’s people in Isaiah 30:15-22 and draw out the principles of how God helps us to get out of our parking lots.

Read Psalm 69:1-2 and personalize it as a prayer to God.

Internet search: “The Harness of the Lord” by Bill Britton.  Read this parabolic story and discuss it with a fellow traveler.





Read the powerful message in the lyrics of the classic hymn “Trust and Obey” by John H. Sammis.  Which one of the five verses speaks to your situation right now?