What others are saying about “Journey to Authenticity”

“At a time when many are finding it difficult to ‘finish the race’ due to weariness and confusion,Pastor Sonny Misar has given us a practical road map to assist us in fulfilling our destiny.  Journey to Authenticity will help you discover where you are at on the journey and what adjustments need to be made to hit the mark. And, as you see the big picture, your own identity in Christ will take on new meaning, compelling you to contend for your Kingdom destiny…A must read for all believers!”

Larry Borud
Pastor & Apostolic Team Member. Dir. of Dakota Prayer Network

“In over 25 years since meeting Pastor Sonny Misar, I have met few men with such wise perspective, warm spirit, and positive faith in the Savior and His plan for His people. This rich book reflects the genuine wisdom and love of a spiritual father and mentor. Particularly, if you are in a tough, demanding, discouraging situation…you will be strengthened by reading and applying the truths therein. With Pastor Misar’s help you can find ‘the sweet center of your true identity in Christ.’”

Pastor John Havener
New Testament Church
Lillian, Alabama

“Sonny Misar’s book is a gem. With clarity and sensitivity he charts the journey that most of us will travel. He brings understanding and explanation to the cycles of life that we often plunge into and at a loss to know what to do.  Journey to Authenticity gives hope and practical steps which will help us successfully negotiate our way through the various stages we are destined to pass. I thoroughly recommend this book and will be giving a copy to all of my colleagues and friends.”

Paul Reid
Senior Pastor, Christian Fellowship Church
Belfast, Ireland

“Sonny Misar does an incredible job of describing the seasons of life we all go through. It is extremely helpful to understand the season of life that you are in, what you have just passed through, and where you are headed. It gives you a sense of security to know that what you are going through is “normal” and to find God in it. I found that this book surprised me as I read it and was fascinated to have my present season of life described so accurately. This is a book that comforts, challenges, and equips. Read it yourself and share it with others.

David Wells
Team leader, Life Links International church network
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

“One of the most needed areas where the Church today needs clarity is in the whole arena of spiritual identity and its development. Too often the Church has been vague when it comes to its approach to the development of our growing identity in Christ. That’s why I am so eager to endorse this new work by Sonny Misar. Scripturally based and easy to grasp, Sonny’s work combines Scriptural clarity with practical insights gleaned from many years of experience as a pastor and leader in the Body of Christ. This work will go a long way in helping God’s people understand the stages involved in moving into spiritual maturity. I am happy to recommend it.”

Neil Silverberg
Team Leader, Masterbuilders
Cape Coral, Florida

“With a blend of wise spiritual counsel and the illumination of personal experience, the author presents a road map to help make sense of the changing terrain of life’s spiritual journey. Reading it you will discover that many of the puzzling or even painful experiences of your life actually came about as part of God’s developmental plan for you, his beloved child. I highly recommend this book for personal use and as a gift to other fellow travelers.”

Paul F. Koehler, D. Min.
President, King’s Commission Ministries, Inc.
Author of Telling God’s Stories with Power

“This book is a pleasure to commend. It gives clear insight into the development of our spiritual identity. Journey to Authenticity is an interesting and helpful read for anyone wanting to understand God’s purposes for the different seasons in life.”

Pastor Jim McCracken
Leader of the TrueBridge family of churches
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

“As we journey through life we encounter different stages or seasons and it is God’s plan that we would grow spiritually through each of them – that we would gain a greater understanding of who we are in Christ.  It has been my experience that not every season has felt like a growth stage, but in “Journey to Authenticity” Sonny Misar, in such a personal and practical way, helps us to see how God is shaping our lives in every season. You’ll be encouraged as you read and you’ll definitely want to dig deeper” into God’s plan for your amazing journey.”

Dale E. Hewitt
Senior Minister, Dreambuilders Church
Perth, Australia

“I was delighted to read Sonny Misar’s book, Journey to Authenticity for several reasons. First, it provided great insight concerning the various stages of my own spiritual journey spanning more than 5 decades. Secondly, it gave perspective on my present, on-going quest to allow Christ to live in and through me in a way that impacts those around me. Thirdly, I believe that this work will provide a useful tool in mentoring many in various stages of their own pilgrimage. The scope of the material was awesome, the diversity of quotes from noteworthy personages was refreshing, and the honest, personal-life illustrations were encouraging. I heartily recommend this work to all in ministry and especially to all who are engaged in mentoring and coaching others in life and ministry.”

Dr. Frank Harvey
Founder and Bishop of Covenant Life Ministries
Clyde, North Carolina

“It has been said that every point of arrival is a point of departure. Pastor Sonny’s book, Journey to Authenticity, has come in due season as a vital resource that not only helps us to understand our location on the journey called life, but to better deal with the realities we face in the process of becoming. Journey to Authenticity is an excellent resource for the explorer-discoverer-learner, at every stage of life and it is as ideal for the beginner, as it is for the seasoned coach, mentor and counsellor. Firmly grounded in God’s word and drawing from experience forged in the crucible of life, it offers practical hints, tips and tools and that will help the reader-sojourner to anticipate and avoid the usual pitfalls, make better sense of the sometimes confusing patterns that inevitably arise, and navigate, with greater confidence and assurance, the various stages of spiritual identity development. I wholeheartedly recommend this book.”

Emmanuel Mbakwe
National Leader, The Apostolic Church, United Kingdom
London, England

“Sonny Misar graduated with honors from Liberty Christian College, Pensacola, Florida in 1986. During his college career, he was an active member of Liberty Church in Pensacola. It was my privilege to be his Pastor during that period of his life.   This book is a scholarly presentation of normal experiences in the stages of Christian growth. You will discover each stage to be enlightening, challenging, and clearly presented. I encourage every Christian soldier, and especially every minister of the gospel, to accept Sonny’s invitation to go with him on a journey of each and all of the seasons of his ministry. There is no doubt that you will be profited immensely in your study of his dramatic presentation of the common experiences of Christian growth. I highly recommend this book for every Christian’s library.

Dr. Ken Sumrall, President and Founder
Christian Fellowship Network of Ministers and Churches
Pace, Florida

“I have known Sonny Misar since he came as a student to Liberty Bible College in Pensacola, Florida. It didn’t take me long to see that there was something “special” about this man. I still see that in him. His new book Journey to Authenticity reveals much of the journey on which God has taken this wise pastor. Travel with Sonny in the pages of this book and discover your own area of “specialness” in Christ.

Pastor Jim Darnell
Bible Conference Speaker
Martindale, Texas

“After hearing Sonny teach about life stages for the first time; I told him he MUST turn this into a book because the Body of Christ could greatly benefit from these truths. And now he’s done it! Buy the copy you hold in your hand, grab a pen, find a comfortable chair, and prepare to learn volumes about yourself!”

Michael Fletcher
Sr. Pastor, Manna Church
Fayetteville, North Carolina