“For Pastors Only”

Dear Pastor,

I have served as a local church pastor for nearly 30 years. My passion has always been to lead people to Christ and then to help them continue on a truly life-changing path of discipleship. I didn’t want them to become “cookie cutter Christians,” but to be authentically themselves in Christ. I believe that this is your desire as well!

Because the Journey to Authenticity Seminar was born in the womb of the local church, it is practical and engaging for people in every life stage. It provides a biblical, bird’s-eye perspective for our progress as well as user-friendly tools to produce authentic Jesus-followers.  This will truly impact the spiritual vitality of your congregation for many years to come. The Journey to Authenticity Seminar can be customized and crafted to meet the current needs of your church. You may consider a ONE, TWO, THREE or FOUR session format depending on your church schedule.

I invite you to consider hosting a Journey to Authenticity Seminar for your church, retreat, conference or leadership group. Its my passion to come alongside pastors as they fulfill their God-given calling to “equip the saints!” 

Please take a moment and read what pastors from around the world have to say about their experience with the Journey to Authenticity Seminar and then contact us to schedule this life-transforming event for your church!

On the Journey with you,

R. Sonny Misar



The Journey to Authenticity Seminar

What other pastors are saying…

“profoundly impacted”

When Sonny Misar came to minister to us, we didn’t exactly know what to expect, but we were pleasantly surprised and profoundly impacted at the insights revealed. Most of us want to be able to better understand our journey, and sometimes we need help making sense of some of the things we feel but don’t understand. Sonny’s teaching goes a long way in filling in many of those gaps. I would highly recommend that all pastors give their congregation and themselves a “gift” in bringing in Sonny and this teaching—you will not be disappointed!

Pastor Doug Fulford
Senior Pastor, New Testament Fellowship
Pensacola, Florida


“reduced the amount of time that my leaders and I would have potentially spent in counseling”

As a pastor, it can be difficult to explain to individuals why they are going through what they’re going through if we don’t know where they are on their own spiritual journey. The Journey to Authenticity Seminar brought these answers and more to our church. It not only benefited every attendee with personal insight about their own walk, but has also reduced the amount of time that my leaders and I would have potentially spent in counseling. When people discover their seasons of life: where they’ve been, where they’re at and what they can expect, it brings great comfort and stability and many of the “why God” questions simply get resolved. In our seminar, people who had struggled with understanding their spiritual growth received fresh revelation. Others were re-inspired with purpose having discovered God’s orchestrations of their lives.

Sonny Misar does an excellent job of shaping this complex idea into an effective and easy to understand teaching. His passion and sense of humor make the seminar an event to look forward to. I highly recommend the JTA seminar for any church seeking to take the next step towards Christ-likeness!

Pastor David Comer
Christian Life Fellowship
Cape Coral, Florida

“I’m really picky when it comes who speaks in our church”

We were able to book Sonny to be our Men’s Retreat speaker and to share at our Sunday morning service last year to teach from his book Journey to Authenticity. To be honest with you, I’m really picky when it comes who speaks in our church & what books I recommend. Sonny did a fantastic job & I will have him in again.

At the retreat, he did a great job as a humble but effective teacher & friend. He encouraged all of us in our journey to become who Jesus has created us to be. Our guys walked away challenged & encouraged. On Sunday morning, he shared a masterful summary of his book that was helpful, relatable & inspiring. Personally, I’ve been blessed not only by Sonny’s investment in our church but his investment in my life.

Jim Erickson
Senior Pastor, City Hill Church
Eden Prairie, Minnesota



“It is like watching a playback of your life with a running commentary!”

Journey to Authenticity is a modern day Pilgrim’s Progress. It brings a clear understanding of the mountain and valley experiences of the Christian. I believe that this book is an essential tool that will bless the ministry of every Christian Leader. During his seminar, Apostle Sonny Misar illuminates and simplifies the path of Christian spiritual formation. It is like watching a playback of your life with a running commentary! It gives you an understanding of your past and confidence for your future.

Dr. Aaron Nartey Ami-Narh, MD
Sr. Pastor, District Five Apostolic Church
Ghana, Africa


“Tools…in the attainment of His purposes”

“Pastor Sonny Misar came to Cornerstone Christian Church in Broomall, Philadelphia and inspired our congregation to persevere with growing in grace.

There is something healthy about discovering where we are in our journey with God. It is good to have a grasp on our current location, and realize God has a destination for each of us. It is comforting to understand that God is with us every step of the way and that new life is His goal for every part of our lives.

Pastor Sonny gave each of us “tools” to use in crafting our lives as we are directed by the spirit of God in the attainment of His purposes. What higher calling, and what greater joy and satisfaction can there be?”

Pastor Phillip Underwood
Cornerstone Christian Church
Broomall, Pennsylvania 

“impacted the spiritual life and mindset of the congregation”

Once in a while, one comes across an individual or an event that impacts one’s life in a profoundly beneficial way. Sonny Misar and Journey to Authenticity fall into this category.

I have had the pleasure and blessing of hosting the seminar Journey to Authenticity and to fellowship with Apostle Sonny Misar. This so impacted the spiritual life and mindset of the congregation to the extent that we have now adopted the theme “Moving From Good to Great In The Journey To Authenticity” as one of the goals of the fellowship.

The blessings I personally received from the seminar led me to recommend Sonny Misar and his ministry to the leading Apostolic Church Assembly in Ghana, West Africa. The National leader of the Apostolic Church UK and I, had the privilege of accompanying Sonny to Ghana. As expected, this ministry was well received and is continuing to be a blessing to the work in Ghana

I will greatly recommend the ministry of Sonny Misar (and his dear wife Becky) and Journey to Authenticity to any Christian leader who has the deep spiritual welfare of his congregation at heart.

Abraham Sackey (FCCA)
Senior pastor, All Nations Centre
The Apostolic Church – United Kingdom


“rich with wisdom, yet practical enough for the new believer”

I met Sonny Misar a few years ago when he was in the process of writing the book Journey to Authenticity. Before I ever heard his “message” I became deeply impressed with the man. I had only known him for a few weeks but asked him to
teach the leaders of my church. Sometime later when his book was available I asked him to come and share the message with our church. We sold out of books that morning and we had to order more! We had him back to teach this invaluable insight at our last conference for ministers. It was an equal success there. Now, Sonny is developing this message into a course so that he can teach it in our Bible College.

The Journey to Authenticity Seminar teaches us the process God uses to grow us into to mature followers of Christ. These insights help to remove the disappointment of past seasons and provide encouragement for the next. The Journey to Authenticity Seminar allows us to see and understand what God is doing in each season of our lives. It is rich with wisdom, yet practical enough for the new believer. This information is a must for those who have dedicated their life to follow Jesus!

Pastor Nick Honerkamp
New Covenant Church
Clyde, North Carolina


“Pastor Sonny’s visit did not disappoint”

Having known Pastor Sonny and his family personally, I was excited to welcome him to come speak at our church. He did a great job clearly and visually presenting us with the practical road map found in his book, Journey to Authenticity. He made it easy for each and every church member to understand the inevitable cycles of our spiritual lives that we find ourselves in. Many people in our congregation were eager to buy his book and learn more.

As a Pastor, I want each of the 52 Sundays I get a year to be challenging and meaningful to those who attend our church. And Sonny’s visit did not disappoint.

I would highly recommend Sonny Misar to other Pastors. His heart and his ministry are greatly appreciated and we would gladly have him back.

Pastor Rich Weller
Sr. Pastor of Northwest Assembly of God
Mount Prospect, Illinois