When the Light Comes On: Stage One – “New Life”

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  1. Bill Huffhine says:

    I’m looking forward to reading this book written by my friend of twenty-three years. For me, the “light came on” about two years before I met Sonny. What I did NOT expect in my spiritual journey was for there to come a time that the lights would go out, the room would grow cold, and the voice of God would disappear all-together into a distant, distorted memory that now feels more like a distant delusion than a spiritual reality.

    My quest now (no, that’s a lie, it’s not a quest, it’s a passive curiosity) is to discover if the lights will ever come back on.

    • Sonny says:

      Bill, thank you for sharing your very honest thoughts on your journey. It has been my joy to be your friend through your various stages in faith. I know that God has not given up on you although you have felt like giving up on him. Yes, my friend, there ARE still lights that will come on for you! Our big God loves you relentlessly…and so do I. I think that Journey to Authenticity will help you understand what may be happening in this mysterious journey. Let us hear more from you on this community blog.

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