Coming into Your Spacious Place: Stage Six – “Authenticity”

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  1. Erica says:

    (Erica is a 95 year old faithful traveller on this Journey who is enjoying full Stage Six Authenticity. She offers her insights from the perspecive of looking back over the stages of her life.)

    I just finished your book, because I had to take it in digestible portions, and found it really challenging as a tool to help understand the windings of the Road. I recognized the stages in my life somewhat (since I am not prone to analyze myself or others) and found myself in all of them, but most clearly in the Warrior and Brokenness segment. There were definite experiences in each that were clearly (and painfully) remembered. You helped me thru those memories (about which I so often felt the need to confess my failures though the Apostle Paul says to “forget that which is behind and press on…) The Lord’s compassion and mercy has been very real and dear thru the years.

    Thank you for the tremendous amount of effort and time invested in this effort to help us understand what God is doing in our lives. And that there is a pattern to be seen. I love what you have permitted the Lord to do with your life!

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