Welcome! I invite you to come with me on a journey; a pilgrimage of sorts.

This journey is not over land and sea, but is through the passages of the human soul. Our discoveries will not be of gold and lost cities, but of our own identity in Christ. This is a unique journey because it is directed by the hand of God. In fact, the word “pilgrimage” means a journey to a sacred place. That sacred place is where we find the mysterious mingling of both divine intention and human will. This spiritual journey enables us to discover ourselves, our God and our place in His greater purpose on earth.





“Pastor Sonny Misar recently preached a message in our local church that outlined the key aspects of his book “Journey to Authenticity”. This was one of the top 3 messages, out of literally thousands, I have heard in my 35+ year walk with the Lord. It was inspiring, enlightening, necessary, life-changing, burden-lifting and courage-building. I highly recommend Pastor Sonny and his book to you.” 
– Pastor Nick Watson, Brisbane, Australia